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Friday, June 18, 2010

IPM Models Press Release

As you all know, my American agency is IPM Model Management in New York. There are offices in Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles as well. I signed with IPM after a month of moving to New York, and my career thus far speaks for itself. Recently five girls from the agency and I were asked to be a part of a huge press release showcasing the agency and the talent. I was thrilled I came to New York in time to be a part of such an incredible experience. I am grateful to work with such inspiring women who want nothing but the best for each other, and have offered so much moral support in the aspirations of each individual. Here is the press release and the photo chosen of the sexy, curvy ladies of IPM Model Management:

Once I receive copies of the photo in high resolution, I will post it here for your viewing pleasure! This can only break down doors and bring in more opportunity for the dream. I am so excited, and look forward to sharing more amazing experiences as they come!

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